Tips for convey your grandpa’s unpleasant perfume


Most of the people don’t apply perfume just for fragrance, it gives confidence. Yes, a good perfume gives self-confidence like everything is going good. Some of us failed to select a good perfume. Perfume shouldn’t be too heavy it should smell mild. A good perfume should be whoever crosses you they should feel your smell. But most of the people make us feel like “oh my god what kind of fragrance is this”.

Like this one day, my grandpa was getting ready to go out with his friend that was a wow moment. I was wondering by seeing him to getting ready like a youngster that jeans, shirt, combing his hair with his hand awe… he looked so young. Once he has done everything finally he sprayed his perfume, oh my god it smelled worst. I asked my grandpa’s perfume bottle actually that perfume was a good product but it expired that’s why I felt that disgusting smell. He was very excited to go out with that outfit so I thought I shouldn’t spoil his mood by telling this and that too my grandpa likes his perfume more.

using a perfume

If I tell my grandpa that his perfume smelt bad, definitely he won’t accept that. So at that time, I had some tips to tell grandpa politely that his perfume is out of date. I gave my perfume to grandpa and asked him to use it. He asked me “why? Isn’t it smelt good? I was using this from the past 10 years”. At the time I said politely not like that, grandpa yours was an excellent perfume but now it does not smell good because it expired. Then he asked does perfume have expire dates? I said yes, grandpa it does.

How can we find out the perfume that got expired?

The liquid changes colour, often it will turn darker. Sometimes you may start to see a milky layer at the bottom of the bottle where some of the particles have settled. If that doesn’t happen thenif you feel using a perfume which doesn’t smell pleasant with that you can understand that it expired. Life-time for every perfume is mostly for 3-4 years only.


My Grandpa asked me “How do I prevent perfume from expiring?”

  • You shouldn’t keep your perfume in extreme heat or cold.
  • Always keep them out of the bathroom.
  • You should store perfumes out direct sunlight and
  • Finally keep the lid on.

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