All Things you need to know about a Shaving Razor

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Shaving is a health routine practised in both men and women life. A razor is a tool used for removing hair in the parts of the body. There are different types of shaving kits available such as straight, disposable and electrical razors. Shaving is performed daily or once in two weeks to lead a clean life. People tend to share things when needed but sharing a kit among men and women is not a hygienic practice.

What force you to share your kit, whether it is mandatory?

People prepare the budget for meeting the requirements of the family. Those people use to plan and implement multiple strategies for the expenditure or cutting down the expenses to save money. Some married couples have thoughts of using one razor on spouses. On hearing the above statement, we might be wondering, what are the cons of using the same razor for two?. The answer is no such advantage since each type of shaving kit produced to meet out the requirements of the different kinds of clients in this fast-moving world.  There are disadvantages of sharing your shaver causes health-related issues in your body.

Why did people advise not to share your razors?

Several reasons describe that you should not share your razor either with men or women. For clarity, some of them described as follows:

Application or the purpose of using a Razor:

The razor companies have designed razor according to the need of the customer. Men use a shaving kit to remove mainly their facial hairs. Women kit removes hairs underarms, legs and many other parts of the body.

Design of the Razor:

The razor constructed must be user friendly, hence companies design oval shaped razors with additional lubrication to protect and care the texture of the skin and different kinds of gripping positions are enabled to promote ease of use and comfort to the end-users.

design of the razor

Health awareness:

You are advised not to share your razor with others due to sanitary reasons such as your body is subjected to risk of infection, you are trying to share the kit with other people. There are other issues related to it are skin irritation, burns and bumps.

Methodologies to prevent the sharing of Razors:

The best remedy offered by the companies are they suggest the people use the refillable razor, allows customer stocking up of blade cartridges. Your current blade is blunt. You have another unused stock use it to lead a healthy life. Someone used your shaving kit accidentally then you must replace the kit’s blade with the new one.

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