Reason teenagers take long time shower

taking shower

Bath shower is one of the most mind blowing and heart melting experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in a week. It reduces the mind pressure, increases happiness, and provides relaxation to the body and mind.

Water gives more fun!! Either the kids stomp in puddles, children squirt with the hoses, adolescence splash in pools and youngsters in shower bath, love to enjoy unlimited fun in the water. Especially teenagers love to spend more time in the shower because of hormone change and wish to do their own business in the bathroom.

Pros and Cons of taking a shower

There are several pros and cons of taking a shower so long: The kids are growing to the next level of life as teenagers make changes in their body would like to spend their maximum time in the bathroom. A mobile phone with pop music, adds unlimited fun to their shower.


Some kids would love to dance while some may change as a bathroom singer where few would like to spend their worst time in their bathroom. Many people especially teenagers feel stressed or depressed would love to spend their time in the shower to make them feel free from sadness and worries.

Expressing the sadness

Most of the teenagers would like to spend their time in the shower to express their happiness and sadness. When their eyes are filled with tears; they don’t want to express their sadness in front of everyone. They take maximum time in the shower bath and start to cry and their tear runs out along with the shower. This is the main reasons to teenagers spend much time in the shower.

Few teenagers would like to smoke at home, at that age; parents are not allowed to injure their health. The teenagers find a comfortable time in the bathroom, say they are going for a shower, and start to do their own business. Many parents are not able to identify what is going on inside the bathroom?

Pros of taking shower

When the kids have become teenagers, the navigation change in the body needs some self-reflection and self-understanding. Generally speaking, a long shower bath prevents the body from external pressure, physical stress, mental stress, and mental worries. It helps to keep your heart and mind feel cool and calm after a long shower. The shower gives everyone the sleek of solace time. It is the best privacy place in the world.

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