Why is my sister always mad at me when I borrow her mascara?


Having a sibling is really a blessed thing. During childhoods they are lots of misunderstandings. They fight each other for every silly thing like dresses, food, snacks. After grown up they started to understand each other, but… fights for belongings would never change. That too when it is a sister to sister relationship they ready to stand for their-selves but they are always not ready to share their belongings.

Argument for mascara:

I have the worlds’ best friend in the name of an elder sister. She shares to me everything, except sharing her makeup cosmetics. It was a wedding ceremony, while getting ready, my sister started to shout at me, because I was using sister’s mascara cause to arguing. I’m too poor at doing makeup. So I thought she didn’t give it to me might be for I will waste it by using an improper way. Actually, that is not the truth.

sharing mascara

My sister is good at makeup and also she has a good knowledge of cosmetics. I like to use only kajal. On that day she was prettier than me with those cosmetics and I felt a little jealous. So I asked my sis to do makeup for me, she also ready to do but not with her cosmetics. Fine, I had all except mascara because I scare to use mascara, I gave it to my sister she made me like an actress but I was not satisfied without that mascara. I asked my sister at least give me mascara alone. I was having arguments with sister because of borrowing her mascara, she didn’t even accept. I was really upset. A few minutes later she consoled me by telling me that we should not share mascaras to others.


Pros and cons of sharing mascara:

Among many of us, we don’t know that sharing mascara is not hygienic. Let me tell you the pros and cons of using sister’s mascara.  When we talk about pros if you share mascara with your sister, she will be good with you at any cost. Cons are dermatologists who said that sharing mascara is harmful to our eyes. In that brush, there may be some easily transmissible viruses like conjunctivitis. Those viruses easily affect your eyes because your eyes don’t have protection layers like skin; it’s more susceptible to infections like pink eye. But if sharing mascara is necessary then, there is only one way. I.e. you have to practice what pro makeup artists do and never let the wand that comes with it be used; use only disposable wands to apply it, and never double dip.

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